Giving thanks! 

To those who believed in me!


It has been a dream to build a business upon my passions for photography and the pursuit of all things creative! It was not an easy transition from the safety of a full time corporate career to the unknown and uncertainty of building a dream and bringing it to fruition. There have been many hurdles, however, I have a strong network of people in my life who believed in me 100%. They could see my potential when I was certain that my hobby was nothing more than that, a hobby. 

To those people; 

Bill, the man who never once doubted for a moment that I had the business sense and the creativity to build this from nothing more than a hope! When I felt like I was kidding myself, you reminded me of my many strengths, abilities and perseverance. You listen to my ideas, always willing to take part in the adventure, and supporting my dreams. You are always there making sure I am taken care of, because I forget to do that for myself!

Rachel, you pushed me and opened my eyes and heart to really take stock of my talents. My first professional sale was of your likeness, the "Glamazon" series. Your entire family has been a believer and supporter of my dream, thank you for leaning into me when I needed it most!

Aaron, my kindred spirit looking through a lens, you have been invaluable with your sharing of pertinent information and creative endeavors! Its so important to have someone you can talk with who speaks your crazy language. 

To all the people who trusted me, the one with the crazy head of curls with a camera backpack, hiking into abandoned munition sites, or posing next to a rusted shell of a car, or climbing onto a long unused lift gate in heels and a tight sheath dress.

There are many more family and friends, too many to call out, you know who you are and I am forever grateful of your presence in my life! Undoubtably it is through your support that I am able to continue to finesse my skills. 


All it takes is a community of caring people who want to see others succeed. 

To all of you, I bow in honor!